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Packaging of media discs

the CD and DVD media disc market is developing very rapidly. Although music CD sales are declining in many parts of the world, other parts of the world are growing significantly - most notably movie DVDs. However, the fastest-growing is the writable CD-ROM. Worldwide requirements for copying files in various formats to media CDs drive the growth of sales of writable CDs. Brand names like Philips, TDK and imation are now household names. The demand for CD discs in the whole world market is 45billion pieces per year, and it is also growing at a rate of 22%. And it will continue to grow at this rate in the next few years

when these CD-ROM products were first launched, their packaging was dominated by hard plastic boxes. For many years, this has been regarded as an industry standard. However, in recent years, many new ideas and technological innovations have been introduced into the CD packaging market, and people are trying to find another alternative packaging form. Now, this solution has been developed: it can provide the protection required by the CD, and promote the content more effectively; At the same time, it can also provide a more environmentally friendly solution by using natural and recyclable raw materials

the pioneer of this solution is Stora Enso group, one of the world's top paper and paperboard companies. Stora Enso has 44000 employees in more than 40 countries, with a total sales volume of about 12.4 billion euros. Its total annual output of paper and paperboard exceeds 16million tons, and its annual production of sawn and processed wood products exceeds 7.7 million cubic meters

early R & d

in early 2000, R & D began to show the dawn, making it possible to provide the required protection and visual effects for CD packaging. At the same time, the demand for small batch packaging showed an increasing trend, so digital printing technology was introduced into the research and development work and began to be tested. These tests were carried out at Imatra factory in Finland, one of the main research and development bases of consumer paperboard products in Stora Enso. In InnoCentre, experienced and skilled workers have seen great room for development in this product

the product developed for the cd/dvd market is disc box slider (DBS), which is composed of a printed box cover and a built-in sliding tray. In addition, it can also carry a pamphlet or single page promotional materials, and this kind of carton can carry single or double discs

the design of CD packaging and the research and development of DBS PAC master, the related packaging machine, have been successfully completed. They have won patents in major markets in Europe, the United States and the Far East, and won many design awards. DBS PAC master can form and package DBS at the speed of 50 boxes/minute, and automatically put 1 or 2 discs

digital printing

the relevant experiments carried out in InnoCentre further integrate the digital printing technology into the existing DBS packaging machine. These tests were carried out by Stora Enso and Xeikon international after cooperation at the end of 2004, and the test results are full of hope

Xeikon international is one of the top manufacturers of digital printing machines, accounting for 40% of the shares in this cooperation. Its professional technology in digital printing machines, coupled with Stora Enso's advantages in R & D and packaging knowledge, provides a good opportunity for the development of the concept of full-scale production

one of the main purposes of this cooperation is to carry out research and development for the sale of turnkey production systems. The turnkey production system enables the printing of a large or small number of media packages made entirely of paper and paperboard. Now the system has been fully developed successfully, providing simple production - after inputting the reel paperboard, the completely packaged finished product can be output. This production line is fully automatic, and the printing unit is connected with the cutting and indentation device. The only manual operation is to transport the cut box blank to the specially designed filling machine, so that it can automatically load the booklet and CD into the sliding tray of the CD box

The production process of DBS box starts from uncoiling the web paper with a width of 5m and a diameter of 1.25m. Input the 400 micron thick and 350 g/m2 special paperboard ensogloss DBS into the Xeikon 5000 digital printer, and the printed paperboard with variable bridge voltage and image resolution of 600dpi will come out. The printer is equipped with a one pass duplex device, which can complete double-sided printing at one time. The software bound to the system can perform image processing. In addition, various additional devices can be selected. For example, you can add different information to each independent case by changing the settings of the software, so as to create a personalized package. Recently, 47000 DBS Cartons printed for Belgian yellow pages used separate addresses so that they could be used directly as postal parcels without labels

this feature greatly increases the flexibility of printing, it is easy to connect the address library with the whole design process, and the operation is simple. After printing, the paperboard is directly input into DBS carton forming machine, and then it is automatically cut and indented. In order to ensure uninterrupted production in the printing and die-cutting stages, a buffer is installed between the two processes. DBS molding machine is also equipped with a UV flexo printing unit and curing unit to UV polish the required paperboard. After die cutting and indentation, the cardboard is stacked and transferred to the filling machine. And the waste of the die-cutting process will simply curl into rolls, which is conducive to placement

dbs PAC master carton forming machine is the last unit of this production process, into which the outer box, inner box, booklet and CD are input. The speed of the device can reach 50 boxes/min. it can insert one or two discs and pamphlets up to 1.2mm thick into the package. DBS PAC master has a compact design (2.7m × 1.5m), fully automated production, facing the continuous development of the plastic industry, and can be easily connected with the automatic packaging module

this joint venture, Stora Enso digital solutions and Xeikon, can provide complete production solutions and contracting services, including all raw materials and consumer goods. This ensures trouble free operation. As Pekka tommola, the general manager of the joint venture, said, "from the beginning, we planned to provide a production line that is easy to install and operate, and has flexibility suitable for live parts of various lengths - which is very important for the CD packaging market." Most of the initial work was completed in lier, the European headquarters in Belgium, but two new production equipment have been produced in a short time since its establishment. One is in CD linja oy in Finland, and the other is in de coker document factory in Antwerp, Belgium. The installation of these two equipment is very smooth, and the equipment operates well

new market

the optical disc market is expanding and is always looking for new uses. The ability of using digital printing to effectively manage short edition activities has greatly expanded the market development space. In addition, the additional advantages of personalized independent packaging have also expanded the market development space. The packaging of promotional CDs is obviously one of the main use areas of DBS. With the increasing use of computers, projects such as company reports, engineering manuals, direct mail and most e-commerce communications will be replaced by CDs in the future. This kind of development space is infinite, and can provide a paperboard based solution, and the environmental protection problem is also handled well. One of the main advantages of DBS packaging is high-quality printing. It can use 5-color printing and glazing technology, and its printing quality and finishing effect are far better than traditional CD boxes

at the other end of the scale, Stora Enso media solutions provides a large number of packages for writable disc brands. This happened in the execution center in Hungary, where writable CD-R or DVD-R discs were packed in compact, environmentally friendly DBS packaging. The first brand to use DBS is imation, which launched "ecopack" in the UK, France, Spain and Germany this summer. One of the main advantages of DBS carton is that it can directly mark the contents of the CD on the package, and it is also very convenient for mailing

dbs box is a space saving package, which will greatly save the storage space of the company. 20000 traditional CD boxes occupy 5-9 cubic meters of space, while the same number of packages using paper DBS boxes only occupy 1 cubic meter. In addition, the weight difference between the two is also worth mentioning. The purchase and operation cost of 20000 yuan is also lower. The ordinary CD box containing CDs and pamphlets weighs about 1800 kg, while the corresponding DBS box weighs 700 kg, which is about 60% less. In many fields (such as the packaging of promotional CDs), this can save a lot of supply chain costs

Another important advantage of DBS carton is that it is not easy to be damaged. Almost everyone has the experience of accidentally dropping a plastic CD box, which usually makes the CD box fall in half or break. This will not happen with DBS paper box, so it protects the CD well

tommola added: "We are greatly encouraged by the benefits brought to us by this product. We believe that people use cheaper resin as the expansion layer. They will see that the proportion of CD packaging using natural renewable resources will be greatly increased. The advantages provided by this packaging, such as higher quality images, short edition, personalization, space saving and cost saving, are becoming increasingly important. With DBS packaging, we are ready and able to meet the market demand."

source: global color box industry

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