Packaging of the hottest military transport goods

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Packaging of military transport goods

military material handling support is a necessary means to realize the time displacement and space displacement of military force support, and it is an important link of military material support system. The mechanization of military material handling support is to use advanced handling machinery to complete the handling support operation of military materials, completely solve the backward handling support mode of human carrying, reduce the intensity and difficulty of military material handling support, save handling support operators, and meet the development needs of modern local wars for the rapid support of military materials

the reason why military materials are carried by people is packaging, and the support of mechanized handling should also rely on packaging

the traditional military material packaging structure is designed for manual handling, which is not suitable for mechanized handling support operations, greatly reducing the efficiency of handling machinery and restricting the rapid development of handling mechanization. The only way to realize the mechanization of military material handling support is to adopt the unit assembly packaging method, such as pallet assembly, trailer assembly, slide assembly and so on. Only when the unit packaging of military materials is completed can the guarantee efficiency of moving machinery be brought into full play

unit collective packaging can effectively reduce the impact, vibration and pressure of military materials during storage and transportation, reduce the harm caused by environmental factors, and improve the protection ability of military materials; There is also the mechanization and automation of handling support operations, shortening the handling time, and winning the initiative to ensure that although it is not easy to slip for two days, it is an effective measure to complete the mechanization of military material handling support. The domestic packaging paper recycling rate needs to be increased to 89% and 91% in 2019 and 2020 respectively; It reduces labor intensity, saves peacetime labor and more valuable soldiers in wartime, shortens the conversion time of combat readiness, and improves the efficiency of handling operations

the impact overload of manual handling of bulk boxed military materials is more than 100 g, the impact overload of pallet collective packaging handling is 10 g, and the impact overload of container collective packaging handling is 1 ~ 2 g, usually less than 1 g. unit collective packaging can avoid rough handling and damage caused by multiple handling during manual handling. Therefore, if conditions permit, the military materials packaged in units can simplify the design of their outer packaging, save packaging materials and costs, reduce the requirements of outer packaging, help to realize the standardization and unification of handling support in factories, warehouses and troops, and lay the foundation for the modernization of military material support

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