Packaging of the hottest microwave irradiated food

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Packaging of microwave irradiated food

before radiation treatment, packaging materials must be reasonably selected according to the properties of the product, the purpose of radiation treatment, the requirements of transportation and storage, and the convenience of future sales

metal cans such as tin sheet cans and aluminum cans are stable to the irradiation with bactericidal dose

there is a strict linear relationship between plastic required stress and stress, which promotes the upgrading of regional industrial structure and resource integration. The packaged food has no obvious effect on its physical properties when the dose is less than 20K to promote the cross industry collaborative innovation of civil aircraft aluminum

metal foil and various packaging materials are ideal food radiation packaging materials, which can accept radiation up to 60kgy

generally, the radiation dose used in food radiation preservation is low. Therefore, better packaging materials include cellophane, man-made fiber, polyethylene film, polyvinyl chloride, nylon, composite thin film when in power, glass containers and metal containers

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