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There are still challenges in the development of domestic shield machine industry. People may feel a little strange about shield machines. In fact, its "ability" is great. It is a "Hercules" who excavates tunnels. People may feel a little strange about the shield machine. In fact, it's a powerful man who digs tunnels

in front of the shield machine is a circular cutter head, which has many blades, mainly divided into hobs and cutters. When working, the shield machine is driven by the jack, and the rotating blade drives forward to excavate various strata. The cylindrical component shell of the shield machine acts as a temporary support for the excavated tunnel, and then carries out dumping, lining and grouting behind the wall

in recent years, with the construction and development of urban rail transit, intercity highways, railways, water conservancy projects, river crossing tunnels and other projects in China, the market demand for shield machines has also increased, attracting many enterprises at home and abroad to compete

this market cannot be handed over to others. If the shield machine is not made bigger and stronger at this stage, there may be no chance in the future. Yang Huayong, a professor at Zhejiang University, said in an interview with China Science Daily

broad prospects

shield machine integrates mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, sensing and information technology. It can complete the whole process of tunnel excavation without affecting the current situation of the ground. It can greatly improve the construction efficiency and safety, and reduce the construction cost. It is indispensable in today's underground tunnel excavation engineering

in recent years, with the acceleration of urbanization in China, shield machines have also ushered in a broader market prospect

taking rail transit as an example, by the end of 2016, China plans to build 92 new lines, with a total length of 2677 kilometers and a total investment of 1073.4 billion yuan. By 2020, 36 cities in China will have subways, with a total mileage of more than 6000 kilometers and an investment of 4trillion yuan

In addition, shield machines will also play an important role in the construction of highway and railway tunnels, river and sea crossing tunnels and hydropower tunnels

in an interview with China Science Daily, Yang Huayong stressed that China's shield machines should seize the opportunity to become bigger and stronger. Chinese enterprises have strong construction capacity and comparative advantages. Therefore, after the shield machine becomes bigger and stronger, it can also obtain more market opportunities in other BRICs countries

Japan, for example, took advantage of the opportunity of post-war reconstruction to expand its shield machine industry. Yang Huayong said

development still faces challenges

ten years ago, China's shield machine market has been monopolized by foreign brands. During the Tenth Five Year Plan and the eleventh five year plan, with the support of the 863 and 973 plans of the Ministry of science and technology, the national major technical equipment plan of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the national development and Reform Commission, China has made considerable progress in the independent design, manufacturing and industrialization of shield equipment

with the expansion of market scale and the improvement of local enterprises' capabilities in technology, production, construction and service, the proportion of domestic shield machines in the domestic market has increased from the previous blank to 60% - 70%

in addition to the international advanced level of overall technology, there are two other aspects of the competitive advantages of domestic shield machines. One is the price advantage, which is significantly lower than that of imported shield machines of the same type. The other is more perfect and timely after-sales on-site service. Because it is a local enterprise, it has closer contact with the Chinese market. The e-system high-voltage metering equipment of CIC consulting Machinery Co., Ltd. can choose different technical configurations, industry researcher duanjiaxuan told China Science Daily

in terms of products, Yang Huayong told that at present, the shield machine with a diameter of less than 12 meters is in great demand in the market, which can be localized, has a significant advantage in the competition with foreign brands, and began to export in small quantities abroad

at the same time, there are still many challenges in the development of shield machines in China. Yang Huayong told that there are three key basic components in the shield machine, namely, large displacement hydraulic pump, large diameter bearing and low-speed high torque reducer. China still needs to make further efforts in the independent research and development, production and on-site assessment of these key components

in addition, China also needs to make further breakthroughs in shield machines with super large diameter and super small diameter

shield machines with super large diameter are mostly used for the construction of river crossing tunnels. Guojingbo, a professor at Shijiazhuang Railway University, said in an interview with China Science Daily that the use of this kind of shield machine in China is relatively small, and the special local technology also needs to be improved

The shield machine with super small diameter is mainly used for the construction of urban public pipes. Guo Jingbo told that this kind of shield machine is difficult to operate manually due to its small diameter, so the requirements for the reliability and automation of the shield machine are also special

in addition, how the domestic shield machine can meet the safe operation requirements under the conditions of high buried depth and high water pressure also needs further research

the bivica softening point tester is equipped with sample protection devices, such as the excavation of subsea tunnels. The water is very deep and the water pressure is very high. During the construction process, the shield machine should ensure safety, and the construction personnel should also ensure safety. At present, China is still facing some technical problems in these aspects. Guo Jingbo said

how to become bigger and stronger

then, how can China's shield equipment industry seize the opportunity to become bigger and stronger

Yang Huayong said that first of all, we should continue to pay attention to the long-term and stable combination of industry, University and research. He told that different construction environments have different requirements for shield machines. Therefore, the design technology of shield machine is tested. Generally speaking, enterprises are difficult to handle by themselves and need to cooperate with universities and scientific research institutes

secondly, the development of shield machine industry chain should be promoted. Yang Huayong pointed out that although China can produce the main machine of shield machine, it is still weak in key basic parts. These high value-added parts should be in your own hands

in addition, for the challenging parts of the shield machine, such as the super large diameter shield machine, Yang Huayong believes that the main constraint at present is the first domestic machine (set)

the problem of the first domestic unit (set) has a great impact on the development of the industry. The state has also introduced some policies before, but the implementation effect is not ideal. Government departments and society should be more tolerant. Yang Huayong said

he told that judging from the technical accumulation of China in accelerating the construction of transportation channels, it has been possible to independently develop super large diameter shield machines and hard rock tunneling machines with a diameter of about 8 meters. If these independently developed prototypes have the opportunity to participate in the project and make a oneortwo kilometer bid section, they will attract attention. If we make three or four bid sections, the voice of doubt will be reduced. In this way, the quantity will be done slowly, the technology will become more and more mature, and the market will gradually open

I believe that China can certainly expand and strengthen the shield machine industry. But now it still needs time and cooperation in all aspects. Yang Huayong said

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