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The market of multifunctional intelligent coatings and surface materials is expected to exceed $1.4 billion in 2021

the market of multifunctional intelligent coatings and surface materials is expected to exceed $1.4 billion in 2021

April 24, 2017

[China Coating information]

n-tech research, an industrial analysis organization in Glen Arlene, Virginia, announced the launch of a new report, "multifunctional intelligent coatings and surface materials:". According to the report, the market size is expected to exceed US $1.4 billion in 2021. At this stage, multifunctional intelligent coatings will gradually occupy more shares from the more mature multifunctional material market

the agency believes that in the next decade, a considerable amount of new business income will come from multifunctional intelligent surface materials, including materials with different functions such as color change, antibacterial, self-cleaning, self-healing, self dimming glass and photocell. In most cases, the construction principle of friction testing machine these surfaces will be achieved by multi-layer coating, but sometimes, the internal, especially the scattered uneven sensors or special surface patterns will be used to obtain the required functions. At the same time, more and more multifunctional intelligent coatings will be obtained through single coating

the report points out that these trends will create market opportunities in the fields of construction, automobile, aerospace, health care, textile and consumer goods. The report also evaluates which function combinations will be the most successful, quantifies the sales and sales volume of each terminal application field in the next 10 years, and further refines it according to the material type and function

the report points out that in the forecast period, multi-layer coatings will dominate the "intelligent multi-function" market, and the sales of such coatings will exceed US $1billion by 2021

the report also predicts that the construction industry will become the most potential end market for intelligent multi-function table 1 and crystalline surface materials, among which the multi-function combination with self-cleaning function is expected to be the most popular. According to the report, by 2021, the sales of multifunctional surface materials in the construction industry will reach US $625million

other important end markets include automobiles. In 2021, the sales of intelligent multifunctional coatings will reach US $450million. In this field, multilayer coatings have been widely used in the outer surface. Intelligent multifunctional coating with self-healing function can easily check whether the power supply is normal step by step and occupy a larger market share in a short time from the mature anti scratch technology

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