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Market: glass showed a breaking downward trend

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ru1401, the main force of Shanghai Jiaotong, opened low in the morning and fell below 21 again. It achieved a shock rise after 0000 integer digits through a special cupping experimental machine, and closed close close to the highest price, showing a relatively strong performance. Basically, the news of the State Reserve's purchase and storage came out again, which has a certain boost to the futures price. However, at present, the policy is uncertain, so it still needs to be treated rationally. Technically, the futures price is still in the stage of short-term shock bottoming, and 20500 is an important short-term pressure level. If the intraday strength breaks through more than 20500 orders, the position can be increased appropriately; On the contrary, if it effectively falls below 20000 support, you can try to intervene in empty orders. It is recommended that ru1401 hold multiple orders cautiously and stop at 20050

glass showed a downward trend of breaking the position. Fg405 in the far month was once close to the limit, and fg401, the main contract, also fell sharply. With the significant increase in positions and trading volume, long main players increased their positions relatively more. Judging from the recent trend, the futures price fell all the way after reaching a high point at the end of last month, while the spot price rose steadily, and the deviation between futures and cash was obvious. At present, the overall fundamentals have not changed much. Judging from the operating data, the flat glass industry as a whole is in a cyclical recovery stage. Coupled with the elimination of highly polluting fuels and other factors in the later stage, the cost of flat glass will increase, and the overall spot price of glass will still rise. Comprehensive analysis shows that glass should not be overly bearish, and pay attention to the opportunity of bargain hunting to intervene in multiple orders after rapid decline. It is suggested that fg401 bargain hunting light positions are much shorter and stop at 1320

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