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Rural: large market of petrochemical products

the survey of rural market by the agricultural survey teams of 15 provinces and cities shows that at present, a large number of new petrochemical products are urgently needed in rural areas of China. Rural areas are a large market for petrochemical products, with broad development space. By 2005, the annual demand for new petrochemical products in rural areas will exceed 10million tons. According to market research, farmers are eager for the following new petrochemical products:

agricultural film with multiple uses: China's agricultural film covers an area of 550 million mu and requires about 2.5-3 million tons of agricultural film raw materials. At present, the output of agricultural film is only about 70000 tons, which is only enough to cover 137million mu of land, with a market shortage of 70%. At the same time, it is difficult to buy new products such as colored agricultural film, which are urgently needed by farmers, such as cold resistance, aging resistance, heat preservation and moisturizing, labor-saving and medicine saving, light transmission, and can increase production. This fully shows that there is a lot of room for the development of petrochemical products only agricultural film

pipes for water conveyance and irrigation: small diameter plastic pipes for micro irrigation, infiltration irrigation, drip irrigation and other small-diameter plastic pipes used in rural areas for many years, as well as farmland water conservancy contraction experiments are experimental methods often used to study the properties of materials. Large diameter plastic pipes for construction and drought resistance and waterlogging drainage need more than 1.5 million tons per year, while the current output is only about 800000 tons; In China, the farmland suitable for sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation is about 380million mu, but at present, the irrigation pipes can only meet about 30%. What is the universal experimental machine? Many people have great doubts about it. The contradiction between supply and demand is acute, and the development space is very huge

fishery and aquaculture supplies: the plastic utensils used in pelagic and offshore fishing are mainly made of polyethylene, ABS, nylon and other raw materials. At present, the output is only about 200000 tons, while the market demand is more than 500000 tons; Animal husbandry, aquaculture, special (2) resolution aquaculture and forestry require non-standard state test results that are often higher than the safety and compression requirements of plastic ropes, plastic boxes, plastic greenhouses and so on. The annual demand for synthetic resin is about 100000 tons, but at present, it can only supply tens of thousands of tons

LPG: with the change of traditional rural concepts, rural LPG consumption will rise from the current 10% to about 35% in 2005; At the same time, the construction of rural small towns will also drive the development of LPG market

in addition, non-woven fabrics will be widely used for crop coverage in agriculture and horticulture; Non woven fabrics and geotextiles will be widely used in rural road construction and water conservancy construction, and the consumption will be increased by more than 45% by 2005. (Dingxiang)

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