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Japanese companies have developed anti fog packaging film

Japanese competition is fierce. Gunze, Toyobo and cyanamide companies have developed a polyethylene and polypropylene film with anti fog effect. This kind of film can be made into Anti Fog packaging, which can be used to package fresh fruits, and can prevent the fruit from rotting due to the evaporation and condensation of water on the inner surface of the film. Antibacterial packaging for next reuse, Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan developed a special zeolite material called zeomie and mixed it into polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene films, with a content of only 0.7%~1%, which can produce reactive oxygen and inhibit the propagation of microorganisms. With good antibacterial effect, deodorization packaging was developed by Dani cell chemical company of Japan, which introduced a deodorant and added it to polyethylene films, It can be used to pack seafood to remove the fishy smell. It is used to pack food waste and remove the odor of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide

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