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With the surge of visitors to Japan in recent years, the number of tourists who complain about the lack of free Wi Fi hotspots in roast is also increasing. In order to solve this problem, Japanese communication company wire and wireless Co., Ltd. started the app Travel Japan Wi Fi service of free link Wi Fi for foreigners visiting Japan two years ago. Recently, the service scope has been increased, so that there are more than 200000 connected hotspots in Japan. This move makes overseas tourists only need to download the travel Japan Wi Fi app provided by the company for tourists visiting Japan and make simple settings before traveling abroad. After arriving in Japan, they can enjoy the free Wi Fi service that surpasses 200000 hotspots in Japan

download the travel Japan Wi Fi app before going abroad, and you can enjoy free unlimited access to more than 200000 hotspots in Japan for free.

the Japanese communication company wire and wireless Co., Ltd. started the free link Wi Fi app Travel Japan Wi Fi service for foreigners visiting Japan two years ago, and recently increased the service scope, making the number of accessible hotspots in Japan reach more than 200000

as long as you download and install Travel Japan Wi Fi in smart before going abroad, and simply set it up, and start the app after arriving in Japan, even if it runs in the background, you can also use it in major airports such as Narita and Haneda in Tokyo, new millennium in Hokkaido, Fukuoka in Kyushu, Naha in Okinawa, major stations, restaurants and cafes such as KFC and Starbucks, popular commercial facilities such as donquixote and BIC camera, And the major scenic spots are automatically connected for free named wi2 and wi2_ Club、Wi2premium、Wi2premium_ Club and other wireless network hotspots, and there is no limit on the amount of communication data. This app is applicable to Android and IOS systems, and is specifically for overseas tourists. From the beginning of this service to the present two years, more than 1.5 million foreigners have downloaded and used it, which has been highly praised. Common faults of Jinan testing machine have been solved. At the same time, this app can also automatically send information about nearby shops and scenic spots to tourists, and a lot of preferential information is provided free of charge, which can be described as killing many birds with one stone

this application has multilingual services and supports major languages such as simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English. At present, Chinese circle users account for nearly 45%, which is the most popular free Wi Fi app downloaded by tourists visiting Japan, and it is safe and reliable. Ms. Seto Luzi of wire and wireless Co., Ltd. suggested that tourists say: Although the Japanese Wi Fi app has many hot spots after the small-scale and pilot production of our travel, it is mainly concentrated in relatively prosperous areas. If the destination of tourism is mountainous areas or the seaside, it is best to rent a small wi fi wireless router. Routers are the main way to move and go to remote places. When shopping and dining, you can use unlimited free WI for data communication. In August, it fell to 17706.64 yuan/ton -fi hotspot. If you can't share SNS such as Weibo and circle of friends when traveling and shopping, I'm afraid the fun will be halved, and travel Japan Wi Fi just solves this problem

on the second anniversary of the service, the software has been significantly upgraded to make the service more user-friendly. Seto road also reminded users that at present, many similar apps on the market are very miscellaneous. Please try to download them through the official link and recognize the dark blue Wi Fi and Fujiyama logo, which symbolizes Japan

free unlimited Wi Fi service. Official download link of Travel Japan Wi Fi app:

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