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Japan's core machinery orders fell month on month in December last year

Japan's core machinery orders fell month on month last year

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original title: Japan's core machinery orders fell month on month in December last year

Xinhua news agency, Tokyo, February 18 (Qian Zheng) the data released by the Japanese Cabinet Office on the 18th is also difficult to combine with composite materials. It shows that due to the obvious month on month decline in machinery orders in the oil and coal products industry, the seasonally adjusted core machinery orders in December 2018 were 862.6 billion yen (1 yen, about US $009), Decreased by 0.1% month on month

the data shows that the order volume of manufacturing machinery in the month was 361.8 billion yen, a decrease of 8.5% month on month; Non manufacturing orders amounted to 496.6 billion yen, an increase of 6.8% month on month

the cabinet office expected that it would be difficult for machinery orders to increase significantly in the future, so it lowered the basic situation judgment from the previous "signs of stagnation in the recovery trend" to "signs of stagnation"

in addition, in December last year, the total machinery orders, including the demand of government and public institutions and external demand, were 2.32 trillion yen, a month on month decrease of 18.6%

on the same day, the machinery orders for the whole year of 2018 were also announced. The order amount was 143cpm10.51 trillion yen, an increase of 3.6% over the previous year

the statistical data of Japanese machinery orders is based on the survey and statistics results of the Japanese government on 280 domestic production enterprises, reflecting the equipment investment trend of Japanese enterprises in the next six to nine months. It is an important leading indicator of private equipment investment in Japan

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