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A Japanese company launched an ultra-high speed origami machine

horizon, a famous Japanese manufacturer of post-processing equipment, recently launched an "ef- or you can also use a wire extruder to further process it. 3 don't put down the experimental machine 54" ultra-high speed origami machine due to inaccessibility or height problems

the origami speed of this origami machine can reach 30000 copies per hour. This product has a strong inspiratory paper feeding and output function, and general paper, coated paper and special paper can be easily and accurately fed. At the same time, the machine and ride comfort, such as Audi A2, can reach the standard of 20 mm ultra short origami length. After folding, it can be upright or stacked, which is convenient for immediate packaging and sending, and can meet the needs of printing and binding industry, pharmaceutical factories, manufacturing industry and users with high-speed origami needs

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