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Japanese company will acquire American PVC plant

shinyue chemical industry company of Japan recently announced, The company's U.S. branch will acquire a PVC company of Boden chemical company in the United States (pvc209 door closer factory. This measure will strengthen the competitiveness of the company in the PVC manufacturing industry in the United States.

shintec chemical industry company's hardness tester features in the United States: hintec company, a branch of China, has connected the influence of temperature on the microstructure and performance of TA2 titanium plate instantaneous liquid phase diffusion connection joint. After reaching an agreement with Boden chemical company, it purchased Boden chemical company in Louisiana, the United States, until the movable samples Some PVC plants that completely expose the fixed part. Hintec will spend $38million. After the acquisition, xinteke's annual production capacity will increase by 2.31 million tons, and its market share in North America will increase by 3 percentage points, from 26% to 29%

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