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Japanese company developed hasocap paper wet towel cover

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a Japanese company developed the world's first paper wet towel cover, which can reduce the amount of plastic in wet towel packaging materials by 80%. At present, the flip on wet towel bags will produce about 14000 tons of polypropylene plastic waste every year. This new material has a very positive significance under the background that many governments have vigorously restricted the amount of plastic in consumer goods and packaging materials

this hasocap wet towel cover is made of a special combination of cellulose fibers, which is relatively thin while maintaining hardness, and has good printing performance. Wipes are produced in strict size, providing consumers with an accurate closure system that can be perfectly sealed at once

h at present, Jonathan Bourget, asocap product consultant, introduced that the product is in the late stage of development, has conducted a series of consumer tests, and has received inquiries from all over the world. In 2020, the company plans to produce 50million tablets per month. The existing production and packaging equipment can use the hasocap wet towel cover with only minor changes, and the same adhesive as the plastic wet towel cover can be used

bourget said: "wet towel consumers require manufacturers to take some effective measures to reduce the impact on the environment. This wet towel cover can just meet their needs, use degradable paper materials instead of plastic, and maintain a good appearance of the product."

in the past year, the EU has been actively promoting the regulations on restricting the use of disposable plastics, and plans to reduce the plastics that are buried and discarded in the sea, so as to help Europe develop a circular economy

it meets the needs of users for the safety of household appliances. Although there is no national legislation in the United States, more than 20 states have promulgated more than 100 regulations related to the use of plastics. Among them, the California circular economy and plastic control regulations are specifically targeted at disposable plastics used in packaging materials

in addition to the wipes market, hasO technology can also be used to replace plastic coffee cup covers. The company is also developing a series of alternative solutions for plastic food packaging materials

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