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AGC company of Japan invests in Wuhan to produce energy-saving coated glass. AGC company of Japan, the world's largest glass manufacturer, has recently formed a business partnership with Wuhan Merrill Lynch Glass Co., Ltd. to produce the world's most technologically advanced energy-saving coated glass in Wuhan, and takes Wuhan as its base for promotion to the central and western regions

AGC Japan is the world's largest glass manufacturer, founded in 1907 by songsorb? The color and stability of cs400, the market share of flat glass and automotive glass is the world leader, and the sales volume of display glass ranks second in the world. In 2007, energy-saving coated glass, also known as low radiation glass, was launched in China. This kind of glass can block the transmission of heat through the glass, block the hot air out in summer, and prevent the loss of heat in the house in winter, so as to reduce the use of air conditioning, heating and other energy. Compared with ordinary insulating glass, this kind of glass can save energy by 30% in summer and 25% in winter. Using heating in the north, where Mauser has installed recycling centers in the United States, Brazil and Europe, it is estimated that installing energy-saving coated glass can save 300 yuan per square meter per year

it is understood that energy-saving glass is still in its infancy in Wuhan and even Hubei. At present, the consumption of energy-saving glass in Wuhan is about 500000 square meters, and the actual demand is about 10million square meters

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