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According to the arrangement of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China, from January 1, China will implement a market access mechanism for food packaging, and 39 kinds of food packaging, containers and tools made of plastic will be included in the first batch of product catalogs to implement the market access system. These products can be sold or used only after obtaining a production license and marking the QS mark. Many businesses are unprepared for this new regulation, and most consumers know nothing about it

yesterday, in an interview in Taoyuan second lane, Xinghua community, Taiyuan University of technology and other places, I saw that many food vendors are using plastic tensile testing machines and other testing instruments without any signs, and the market is also very optimistic about bags containing food. At a spicy hot pot stall, the stall owner used plastic bags to cover the bowl up and down, and the spicy hot pot that just came out of the pot was put in the bowl. After the customer finished eating, the stall owner took down the plastic bag in the bowl and threw it away, and then put a new plastic bag on the bowl for another customer to use. Next to a stall selling eggs and cakes, several women were munching on cakes wrapped in thin plastic bags. One of them said: whether eating or eating fast food, it is clean and hygienic to put a bag in it

these plastic bags have no logo, and they are thin, transparent and soft to touch. The stall owner who sells Malatang told him that the 1) tensile strength (maximum tensile stress) food bags he uses are wholesale from the small commodity market, and the quality is relatively good. One yuan can buy a bundle, about 80, and there are cheaper bags in the market

in the interview, all food operators lack understanding of the upcoming food packaging preparation mechanism, most of them said they did not know, and only a few operators said they would use food packaging bags that meet the regulations according to the new regulations. The vast majority of consumers are not clear about the new regulations

it is understood that some cheap ones on the market. 1. Regularly check whether there is oil leakage at the main engine and oil source. Plastic bags are generally made of PVC, which are toxic. Stabilizers, plasticizers, etc. are added in the production, and contain teratogenic and carcinogenic toxic substances. When the temperature is high or stored for too long, especially in contact with greasy food, these toxic and harmful substances will volatilize into the food, causing harm to human health. Specially developed needle catheter

as the deadline for unlicensed food plastic packaging bags fell, the quality inspection department reminded that do not use the transparent, thin plastic bags that are prepared and sold on the street for holding meals

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