The hottest food packaging is unsafe. Don't blame

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Don't blame the packaging materials for the unsafe food packaging

packaging products in contact with food are called invisible additives in the industry. Safe packaging is inseparable from the use link. It should be emphasized that some safety events in food packaging are not all caused by the packaging materials themselves, and many are caused by problems in the use link of consumers. Dong Jinshi, Secretary General of the International Food Packaging Association, called on those who establish consumption theory to correctly grasp the common sense of the use of food packaging products

Dong Jinshi and I immediately shut down and checked the famous water research expert lifuxing, who pointed out that taking the packaging container of water as an example, drinking water with a glass is the safest in daily life, followed by ceramic and stainless steel appliances, plastic cups and plastics, but we'd better take the standard sample bottle, which is relatively poor in safety. Because plastic products contain complex materials, for example, some plastic cups may contain carcinogenic catalysts. Especially in summer when the temperature is high, the safety risk is greater. But many people don't know the harm that plastic brings to their bodies. Many people buy a whole box of mineral water in the trunk of their car in summer, which will bring hidden dangers to their health. Experts say

experts also remind that even plastic bags for food that meet national standards cannot be heated with food in a microwave oven. In addition, it is best not to use plastic bags to pack overheated food. Overheated food should be cooled first and then loaded. Oily food should not be put in plastic bags for more than two hours. Because under high temperature, plastic bags are easy to be burned, volatilizing some chemicals harmful to human body, causing dizziness and nausea. Experts explained that for plastic bags, oil is a dissolving agent. Generally speaking, after two hours of contact between oily food and plastic bags, the migration of chemical molecules will reach a peak

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