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Food packaging is developing in a more convenient direction

the pace of society is accelerating, and the time that people can spend on personal leisure is becoming more and more precious, so the demand for all kinds of convenient food and beverages is rising. At the same time, the traditional food and beverage packaging mode is developing in the direction of being lighter, more environment-friendly and more convenient for consumers

4. Whether the tensile speed of the electronic universal real-time high-efficiency testing machine meets the standard. Easy opening and resealable

easy opening is the most typical embodiment of packaging convenience. Packages that used to be opened with the help of tools are now generally replaced by easy to pull rings, easy to pull covers, screw covers, easy to tear cracks, easy to uncover covers, sockets, etc. Packaging convenience has become an essential factor in food packaging and beverage packaging

for some large packages or packages that cannot be used up at one time, the resealability of the package is particularly important. Different manufacturers have introduced a variety of resealable packaging structures, such as various snap covers, zippers, sliding locks, various pressure buttons, etc. At the same time, manufacturers should also take into account the safety of products. For example, in the United States, it is an important development trend for automobile lightweight to replace steel with plastic. 1urwood company has developed a safe resealable package, including a tear and a sliding sleeve. When consumers use it, they just need to simply tear off the upper lip of the package, and then open the sliding buckle, which can be easily accessed. It can not only ensure the safety of packaging, but also realize the re sealing of products

new convenient packaging technology

in addition to the previous easy opening and resealing, there are many factors that need to be considered for the convenience of packaging, involving the use, storage, transportation, safety and other links of packaging. Nowadays, for consumers, more convenience is not only related to the delivery, use, storage and other issues of food and beverages, but also has a new meaning - the new packaging technology can realize the functions of self heating, direct microwave heating, cooking resistance, high barrier, automatic cooling and so on

according to the information, a kind of self heating packaging will soon be launched in the United States and Britain. This is a multi-layer, seamless container, which is made by injection molding. The inner layer of the energy absorbed when it is damaged is divided into multiple intervals, allowing the product to heat itself. Its heating principle is: when the user takes off the foil on the container and presses the bottom of the container, the water and limestone in the container will produce a chemical reaction, release heat energy, and then heat the product

the packaging industry in the United States is committed to developing a project called "instant cooling". This kind of package has a condenser, an evaporation cell and a package of desiccant made of salt inside. When it is cooled, the steam and liquid generated by catalysis will be stored at the bottom of the package. This technology can also be applied to ordinary containers, which can reduce the temperature of the items in the container to 17 ° C in a few minutes

in addition, we can also look forward to newer and more convenient packaging technologies, such as packaging with automatic prompt of temperature, product quality, and even packaging shelf life or whether the contents have deteriorated; It can heat and cool the contents according to the precise set value, and even directly cook and process the product packaging according to the chef's formula

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