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Food packaging is also environmentally friendly at present, packaging has become a stumbling block to China's food exports, mainly because the national food packaging safety standards lag behind, and actively improving the standard system has become a top priority for the packaging industry. Experts from the national packaging product quality supervision and Inspection Center said recently

according to the statistics of the Ministry of Commerce, nearly US $24billion of export commodities in China are affected by the failure to meet the packaging requirements every year, a considerable part of which is caused by the packaging not meeting the green requirements. It was learned that with the formation of a standardized market demanding health and safety consumption in China, China's packaging industry began to pay attention to the issue of packaging safety standards. At the same time, enterprises have also begun to strive to become the main body and reviser of national industrial standards and even international standards

the formulation and revision of standards have been accelerated

with the expansion and development of international trade, standardization has become an important tool for international market competition. Green packaging system has become an important policy measure of foreign trade in developed countries. The green packaging barrier formed by this system, with its external rationality and internal concealment, has become a kind of trade barrier widely used in developed countries

according to experts, in the face of green packaging barriers, China's product packaging shows the following deficiencies:

first, the concept of green packaging is vague. Green packaging is often one-sided understood as the greening of packaging products. Tens of thousands of employees mistakenly regard packaging products made of biodegradable materials as green packaging

second, there is a serious lack of information. Many Chinese enterprises are seriously lack of information on the international market or export destination market, and have limited understanding of the requirements of the importing country on packaging materials, packaging standards, and packaging specifications, resulting in the packaging of export products that cannot meet the requirements of the target market

third, the packaging technology is backward. Traditional cartons are often used for the transportation and packaging of fresh fruits, and high-density polyethylene transportation boxes and turnover boxes with good air permeability are not widely used, which not only increases the transportation cost, but also has an amazing rate of decay and loss in the transportation process

at present, the standards related to food and drug packaging in China are relatively backward, and only more than 30 of the more than 80 standards were established after 2000. However, it is gratifying to learn that some standards have been introduced in recent years, such as the "Regulations on the administration of inspection and supervision of imported and exported food packaging containers and packaging materials", "aluminum pesticide bottles for packaging containers", "plastic logistics turnover boxes", etc. In addition, a series of industry standards are being formulated and will be issued soon

learn from foreign useful experience

around the problems of how to save raw materials and reduce the impact of waste on the environment in the production and use of packaging, many foreign packaging designs have made beneficial attempts. Relevant experts said that these can be used for reference by our country

according to the introduction, these development trends mainly include six aspects: saving materials, safety and convenient recycling

first, it is developing towards the direction that the section needs to test the non specific elongation strength Rp0.2 or specify the total elongation strength RT to save materials. For example, the outer package of condiments is made of white single corrugated paper, and the label printing is simple

the second is to develop towards safer materials. For example, the beer gift box used to give gifts to customers is made of wheat husks, which will decompose into a kind of fertilizer after being discarded. 14. Report generation: U disk is connected to computer-generated material

third, it is developing in the direction of convenient recycling. For example, after drinking beer cans, you can reduce the volume by twisting left and right according to the direction indicated by the shape of the cans, which is convenient for recycling

fourth, it is developing towards compression. PG Company of the United States designed a new package of ultra concentrated washing products. The washing products weighing 50 ounces can be washed as often as the ordinary washing products weighing 64 ounces

fifth, it is developing towards the direction of living appliances. The packaging is designed as a kind of daily living appliance, so that it can be used repeatedly to reduce the amount of waste

sixth, it is developing in the direction of classified recycling. Households in advanced countries have garbage collection places, which store packaging paper and other materials by classification and regularly put them in designated places

experts suggest that at present, China's commodity packaging shows a trend of pursuing high costs. Therefore, the implementation of environmental friendly and energy-saving packaging will help maintain the original ecology of the natural environment and maintain the sustainable development of China's economy

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