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Food packaging exceeding 3 layers is to be recognized as exceeding the standard

the state will introduce standards to limit excessive food packaging, and the packaging cost is not allowed to exceed the selling price by 12%

our news: boxes of moon cakes and small bags of tea in big iron cans have been hotly discussed by all walks of life. A few days ago, it was learned that as a national standard, the "requirements for restricting the over packaging of food and cosmetics for commodities" is about to appear. According to the exposure draft, cakes and tea with more than three layers of packaging will violate the national standard

we can see that this exposure draft gives a clear definition of excessive packaging. The national standard points out that for packages that exceed the normal packaging function requirements, and whose packaging void ratio, packaging layers, and packaging cost exceed the necessary level, it is excessive packaging

it is worth noting that the new national standard intends to limit the packaging of food in a specific quantitative way, which not only puts forward the requirements for the number of packaging layers, but also stipulates the ratio of unnecessary space volume in commodity sales packaging to commodity sales packaging volume (i.e. packaging void ratio). For example, after removing the initial packaging in direct contact with food, the number of packaging layers of beverages, wine, cakes and tea cannot exceed. Although in October, the number of imported extruders in Russia fell sharply by three layers, and the number of grain layers cannot exceed two, otherwise it will be suspected of violating the national standard. In addition, if the volume of the gap is greater than 10%-55% except for the necessary space to protect or fix the product, it will not meet the requirements of the national standard

this foreign standard also states that the sum of all packaging costs other than the initial packaging should not exceed 12% of the sales price of goods, and points out that the calculation of packaging costs should be determined from the perspective of its manufacturer

it is reported that the original name of the national standard for soliciting opinions was "general rules for restricting excessive packaging of goods", which was solicited as early as last year. However, due to the strong social response, major changes were made, and the latest version even changed the name of the standard, only restricting the field of food and cosmetics. If everything goes well, the consultation will end before July 5

due to the principle of one-time forming processing

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