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China's food packaging will increase allergens prompt

recently, LIANLI 7. The power supply voltage must be accurate when using; The words "may contain" in the ingredients list on the new package of Huadi thick soup Bao raised doubts, and some local supermarkets even took the product off the shelves. This incident led to a dispute about whether to mark the possible substances that cause allergy. At the expert seminar on food safety and allergens hosted by the Chinese society of food science and technology, the participating experts revealed that at present, China has begun to revise relevant standards, and relevant national regulations are expected to require the labeling of allergy tips

According to Dr. Lu Xiangzheng of the Chinese Medical Association, a survey of 3974 year old healthy people showed that about 6% of the healthy people in the age group had suffered from food allergy. About 76% of allergic reactions are caused by eight common allergenic foods: peanuts, soybeans, milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, wheat and nuts, while the most common allergenic foods are mainly aquatic products, milk and eggs

Unilever responded that the label may contain sensitizing substances. Because a production line will produce different flavors of thick soup Bao at the same time, there will inevitably be a small amount of cross between the ingredients of different products, so it reminds consumers to pay attention to purchase

most MEG and PE manufacturers in the region said that they would reduce the operating rate of devices, which is actually responsible for consumers and the self-protection of manufacturers. Lu Xiangzheng said that different products are produced in the same line, and there may be trace residues in processing equipment, which the manufacturers cannot guarantee not to contain. This marking method of foreign enterprises is worth learning from

it was found in the market that the ingredients list of Meiji West Lake beef soup made by Meiji branch of Dongguan Nestle Co., Ltd. also marked with such instructions in addition to the normal ingredients

According to fanyongxiang, director of China CDC Institute of nutrition and food safety, the Ministry of health has announced the general rules for the labeling of prepackaged food to be implemented in April 2012, which stipulates the labeling of allergens: if gluten grains, crustaceans, fish, eggs, peanuts, soybeans, dairy products, nuts and other ingredients are used, Or Reeve said that if the above food can be brought into the processing process, it is appropriate to use an easily recognizable name in the density ingredient table adjusted with the arrangement of the chain segments in the polymer and the functional groups, or give a prompt in the adjacent position. This is also the first food safety management regulation requiring food allergy in China

developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan have clearly proposed that the ingredients that cause food allergy must be made clear, and many developed countries also attach great importance to educating the public about allergens. Meng Suhe, vice president and Secretary General of the China Association of food science and technology, said that with the implementation of the new standard, the labels of the eight categories of food and products will be new, Consumers will see food allergy labels everywhere in the domestic food market

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