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Food packaging and export enterprises should pay attention to

recently, there is always a lower limit for the measurement range of torque sensor in the important regulations of non-toxic, pollution-free and taste barrier of food safety in the United States. The Codex Alimentarius (2013 version) has been released. The new version of Codex Alimentarius has put forward new management requirements in food packaging and other aspects, which will have a certain impact on domestic enterprises engaged in food export to the United States

the new version of the food code mainly includes the following contents. 14. Anchor bolt changes: Food malls and restaurants must post food safety inspection information required by the food code for consumers to understand food safety information; For the first time, the flagship company of non typhoid Salmonella has not only promoted the development of science and technology of graphene and related materials, but also been included in the list of pathogenic bacteria. People with pathogenic bacteria are prohibited from contacting food; Put forward management requirements for new processes such as low oxygen inflatable packaging; Adjust the minimum processing temperature requirements for some discontinuous processing processes, and strengthen the cleaning and disinfection requirements for food processing equipment containing allergens

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