The hottest food packaging enterprise was fined 1.

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On August 30 this year, the Yangtze Evening News reported on the A38 edition that a food packaging enterprise in Lishui District of Nanjing had discharged sewage, causing a village pond to become black and smelly overnight. At that time, the environmental protection department also detected the carcinogen benzene in the sewage collection pool of the enterprise. In this regard, the quality supervision department was contacted to test the products of the enterprise. The test report was received on September 12, and the results showed that no benzene content was detected. However, the enterprise was still fined more than 160000 yuan by the environmental protection department for pollution discharge

on August 31, the law enforcers of Lishui branch of Nanjing Bureau of quality and technical supervision were contacted to pay attention to the inspection of various phenomena in the four stages of the stretching process. The staff came to Nanjing dingzheng packaging together. "Zhang Weihua, head of the Department, told our materials Co., Ltd. to investigate. Luo Yuefei, the director of the business department of the company, said that the company used benzene free water-based adhesive materials. The reason why the benzene content was measured in the sewage collection pool of the company this time was that some projects in phase II of the company were under trial production, which may be due to some problems in the supply of some materials. As for the pollution discharge, director Luo said that plastic wood composites mainly use plastics (polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and their recycled waste plastics) as raw materials. The enterprise is willing to bear the corresponding compensation, compensate the villagers for the losses caused by the death of fish and shrimp farming, and will contribute to the dredging and water replacement of the polluted water body, and compensate each villager for a month's water fee, a total of 300 yuan

the quality inspection department sampled the inventory of the enterprise and sent it to Jiangsu Institute of product quality supervision and inspection for testing. On September 12, I finally got the test report. The results showed that no benzene solvents were detected in the products submitted for inspection by the quality inspection department

it is understood that the environmental protection department has imposed a total fine of 167000 yuan on the company for pollution discharge, and ordered it to stop work for rectification for one month. However, according to the villagers of Futian village yesterday afternoon, the company has quietly resumed production according to the environmental conditions and application frequency a few days ago. At present, the environmental protection department is verifying this

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