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Analysis and rectification of fire hazards in gas stations - measures for rectification of fire hazards (3)

the rectification of fire hazards in gas stations is mainly considered from two aspects: one is to prevent the escape and leakage of oil vapor; Second, eliminate ignition sources

1 what are the performance characteristics and operating environment of the gas spring performance testing machine? To prevent the escape and leakage of oil vapor is the top priority of the rectification of fire hazards. The specific rectification measures are as follows:

(1) using the sealed refueling technology, when the fuel gun injects the oil into the automobile fuel tank, the oil vapor also leaks into the atmosphere from the inside and outside of the tank, Cause oil vapor enrichment. Sealed refueling is to make the oil vapor return to the oil tank or oil and gas recovery device through the gas phase pipe to prevent the oil vapor from escaping

(2) the closed oil unloading technology is adopted. Gas phase pipes are installed on the oil tank truck and oil storage tank. At the same time of oil unloading, the oil vapor in the oil tank is returned to the oil tank truck for oil gas replacement to avoid the vapor in the oil tank escaping from the breathing tube

(3) strengthen ventilation. Because the density of oil vapor is higher than that of air, it is easy to accumulate in low-lying places such as pipe trenches, cable trenches, operation wells, or in indoor corners under poor ventilation conditions. Therefore, fuel dispensers, oil unloading ports, oil tank operation wells, breathing tubes, etc. should be arranged in well ventilated areas as far as possible. Avoid pits and ditches below the ground level of the gas station area, fill the bottom of the fuel dispenser with sand to the ground of the fuel island, and fill the pipe trench with sand

(4) control the elevation of oil tank and pipeline. Horizontal underground earth covered tanks are used to avoid problems such as the oil level in the tank is higher than the floor, the oil leakage of the tanker, the oil in the oil inlet pipeline is difficult to drain, and the oil in the tank flows back. The oil unloading pipe of the tank is set with two sections of slope, the angle of the pipe section at the closed oil unloading port should not be less than 30 °, the slope of the rest of the pipeline should not be less than 2 ‰, and the slope of the oil pipe is towards the oil tank. The installation position of the closed oil unloading port should be more than 15cm lower than the oil unloading port of the oil tank truck, which can ensure that the oil in the pipe can be quickly discharged into the oil tank after the oil unloading valve of the oil tank truck is closed, so that the oil will not flow out

2 eliminate ignition sources

the key to eliminate ignition sources is to eliminate electrostatic sparks, lightning sparks, electrical sparks and strengthen open fire management

2.1 elimination of electrostatic sparks

during the transportation, loading and unloading and filling of oil products, static electricity is generated due to friction, and its voltage can be as high as thousands of volts, which is easy to discharge and cause combustion and explosion accidents

the main static electricity prevention measures of the gas station are to connect the oil storage tank, oil pipeline, fuel dispenser, oil unloading platform and other facilities as a whole and ground them, so that the conductor and the earth are equipotential, and the potential difference is zero

electrostatic grounding, lightning protection grounding and electrical protection grounding can share one grounding device, and the grounding resistance must be less than 10 Ω

the oil tank truck must be grounded before unloading, and the grounding can be removed after the operation is completed. It is best to use the electrostatic grounding device with self-locking alarm function to improve the reliability of electrostatic discharge. The grounding position of the tank car shall be the side or rear of the tank car

support the development of China's aerospace manufacturing industry. When the weather is hot, dry and low pressure, spray water on the oil storage tank area, oil unloading area and oil tank truck in the refueling area to ensure that the relative humidity in the gas station area is 65% - 75%

when forming on the vibrating table, it is forbidden to spray oil unloading, and it is forbidden to insert the oil unloading pipe into the oil tank mouth for oil unloading. The closed oil unloading pipe must go deep into the tank bottom, and the height from the tank bottom shall not be greater than 20cm, and the gravity oil unloading method is adopted. It is forbidden to use the fuel dispenser to directly fill the plastic container with gasoline

gas station staff should wear anti-static work clothes and conductive shoes

2.2 elimination of lightning sparks

the measure to prevent lightning sparks is to install a complete set of lightning protection devices, including lightning arresters, downleads and grounding devices, which are mainly used to protect station buildings, refueling islands, oil storage tank areas and prevent direct lightning strikes

the oil unloading operation should be stopped in thunderstorm days, and the oil tank truck parked in the gas station area should be grounded

2.3 elimination of electrical sparks

the electrical equipment used in the explosion hazardous area of the gas station should be explosion-proof, and its group and level should be compatible with the group and level of the oil vapor mixture. The connection and laying of electrical lines should meet the explosion-proof requirements. Mobile and portable electrical equipment should be used with caution. It is strictly prohibited to use non explosion-proof electrical appliances such as pagers

the fuel dispenser in the gas station shall be reliably grounded and connected with the metal components of the oil pipeline, oil storage tank and station building to eliminate the possibility of discharge caused by different potentials between metal conductors, and the grounding points shall not be less than 2

It is an ideal modifier to improve the performance of asphalt

2.4 strengthen the management of open fire

smoking and hot work are prohibited within the safe distance of the gas station area, and the operation procedures are handled in strict accordance with the rules and regulations

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