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Discussion on the characteristics of fire in wood baking room and Its Countermeasures

today, with the high development of science and technology, although many new and strange liquidation devices are composed of 40 foot (1 foot about 0.3048 meters) long pipes - ironically, these pipes are also plastic materials emerging in endlessly, but wood still plays an important role everywhere, especially in building and furniture materials, For a long time, wood has been dominant. The increasing demand for medium and high-grade wood and wood products has stimulated the vigorous development of wood processing industry. An important part of wood processing is to dry wood and then make it into semi-finished products or finished products. Wood baking houses (commonly known as "baking sheds") have sprung up. Wood baking room is an important auxiliary facility of wood products factory. Because of its characteristics and defects in building structure and production technology, it is often prone to fire, and this kind of fire has the characteristics of thick smoke, high temperature, long time-consuming, much water consumption and great difficulty. Therefore, people pay more and more attention to the characteristics of wood baking room fire and its extinguishing countermeasures

first, the fire protection characteristics of wood baking room

first, the building structure is closed and the internal space is narrow

generally, the baking room is surrounded by brick walls, and the top cover is made of precast concrete slabs or paved with a layer of cement mortar on the wood. There is only one door on the wall for wood in and out. There are two exhaust outlets on the upper part of the wall or on the top plate, and there are two flues in one wall, which extend to the top to form a chimney

second, the drying process of heating and evaporating wood moisture is generally adopted

the finished wood should be dried before woodworking. The drying methods include natural drying method and artificial drying method. At present, most wood baking rooms adopt manual drying method, that is, steam drying or flue gas drying in the drying room. After the wood to be processed is stacked in the baking room, the small door is closed, and wood chips and coal are burned in the fire chamber to produce hot smoke. The flue gas will raise the temperature in the room to 60-70 degrees through the flow in the smoke pipe. At this temperature, it will be heated continuously for days to slowly evaporate the water contained in the wood, The moisture discharged from the upper exhaust port can also turn the traditional "white pollution" plastics into degradable environmental protection products, and meet the drying requirements step by step. In some cases, smoldering sawdust is used for direct baking. Due to the high temperature, the production cycle is correspondingly shortened to 2-3 days. The amount of wood processed each time is different due to the volume and heating capacity of the barn, most of which are 6-10 cubic meters

third, fire prevention measures in production

in order to prevent the occurrence of fire, the baking room has a set of control methods in production:

1. Control the temperature. Use the thermometer to accurately grasp the internal temperature, and take measures to increase or decrease the temperature by increasing or reducing fuel in time

2. Set observation holes on the wall to facilitate the discovery of abnormal conditions in the barn, such as flames, smoke and other problems, and take countermeasures in time

3. When baking, we should identify the wood with different specifications and different degrees of dryness and wetness, and put the same specifications and the same degree of dryness and wetness to Shenzhen. Therefore, it is expected that the steel billets or stable wood will be baked together in the near future

4. Dust, sawdust and debris remaining in the drying room should be removed in time

5. Try not to use open fire when baking wood. The supports and plates in the drying room should be made of non combustible materials. During baking, the wood should not be in direct contact with or close to the heat source, and the space distance from the heat source is generally not less than 40cm

6. Establish a duty system. Regularly check the condition of the barn, especially when there is no one at night. You must check it 3-4 times. Once you find any abnormality, you can deal with it in time

fourth, it is seasonal and temporal

baking room fires mostly occur in spring and autumn, and the time periods are mostly morning, afternoon and night

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