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Brief discussion on the development trend of world numerical control technology and machine tool equipment (I)

numerical control technology and equipment are enabling technologies and the most basic equipment for the development of emerging high-tech industries and cutting-edge industries. Numerical control technology is widely used in the information industry, biological industry, aviation, aerospace and other national defense industries all over the world to improve the manufacturing capacity and level, and improve the adaptability and competitiveness to the market. Industrial developed countries also list numerical control technology and numerical control equipment as national strategic materials. At present, the domestic cathode material market covers 161600 tons/year. They not only vigorously develop their own numerical control technology and industry, but also implement blockade and restriction policies on China in terms of high-precision numerical control key technology and equipment. Therefore, vigorously developing advanced manufacturing technology with numerical control technology as the core has become an important way for developed countries in the world to accelerate economic development and improve their comprehensive national strength and national status

numerical control technology is a technology that uses digital information to control mechanical movement and working process. Numerical control equipment is the penetration of new technology represented by numerical control technology into traditional manufacturing industry and emerging manufacturing industry, forming 1.2 electromechanical integrated products with manual adjustment in experimental space, that is, so-called digital equipment, such as numerical control machine tools. Its technology involves many fields: (1) machine manufacturing technology; (2) Information processing, processing and transmission technology; (3) Automatic control technology; (4) Servo drive technology; (5) Sensor technology; (6) Software technology, etc

I. Development Trend of numerical control technology and equipment

the application of numerical control technology has not only brought revolutionary changes to the traditional manufacturing industry, making the manufacturing industry a symbol of industrialization, but also with the continuous development of numerical control technology and the expansion of application fields, it plays an increasingly important role in the development of some important industries of the national economy and the people's livelihood, such as national defense and automobile. The digitization of equipment in these industries has become the general trend of modern development, For example: Hashimoto three, five coordinate high development bonded aviation logistics; Explore the establishment of high-speed CNC gantry milling machine, gantry mobile five coordinate AC swing angle CNC gantry milling machine, gantry mobile three coordinate CNC gantry milling machine in Hainan general aviation industry comprehensive experimental zone

1. New trend of high-speed development

at present, the maximum feed speed of high-speed machining center can reach 80m/min, and the empty running speed can reach about 100m/min. At present, many automobile factories in the world, including China's Shanghai General Motors Corporation, have adopted production lines composed of high-speed machining centers to partially replace modular machine tools. The maximum feed speed of the hypermach machine tool of Cincinnati is 60m/min, the speed is 100m/min, the acceleration is 2G, and the spindle speed has reached 60000r/min. It takes only 30min to process a thin-walled aircraft part, while it takes 3 hours to process the same part on a general high-speed milling machine and 8 hours on a general milling machine

due to the specialization of the division of labor among the components of the mechanism, the high-speed spindle is becoming increasingly popular with the development of professional spindle factories. In the past, models that were only used for High-speed Automobile Industry (models with more than 15000 revolutions per minute) have now become an essential element of mechanical products

2. New development trend of precision machining

due to the precision processing of various components, micron error is no longer a problem. With the development of computer aided production (CAM) system, more and more functions of CNC controller are driven

in terms of machining accuracy, in the past 10 years, the machining accuracy of ordinary CNC machine tools has increased from 10 m to 5 m, while that of precision machining centers has increased from 3 ~ 5 m to 1 ~ 1.5 m, and ultra precision machining accuracy has begun to enter the nanometer level (0.01 M)

Focus on the development of life science department - medical and crop science department

3 The new trend of high-efficiency development

the higher requirements for high-speed and precision of machine tools lead to the higher requirements for the manufacturing speed of machined workpieces. At the same time, due to the fierce competition of products and the rapid shortening of product life cycle, the rapid processing of molds has become a necessary condition to shorten the time of product development. The requirement of manufacturing speed leads to the development of machine tools for processing molds towards high-efficiency and professional models

4. New trend of open development

CNC machine tools have gradually developed into systematic products. Now a computer can be used to control the operation of a production line, which can not only shorten the development time of products, but also improve the processing accuracy and quality of products. As mentioned above, open CNC system has better versatility, flexibility, adaptability and expansibility. The United States, the European community, Japan and other countries have implemented strategic development plans and carried out research and formulation of open architecture CNC system specifications (OMAC, OSACA, osec). The three largest economies in the world have made almost the same scientific plans and technical specifications in a short period of time, indicating the arrival of a new period of change in CNC technology. China also began to research and formulate the normative framework of China's onc CNC system in 2000

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