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The world's first international container RFID tag route was born Shanghai

world shipping will remember today: on March 10, 2008, the world's first container electronic tag route that was put into commercial transportation and oil cleaning camp officially opened in Shanghai port. A month later, domestic electronic labels will arrive at Savannah port, the fourth largest container port in the United States

Shanghai and even the global shipping industry have been looking forward to this day for a long time. Two years ago, when the container electronic label device was listed in the national science and technology support plan, Bao Qifan, the leader of the project, firmly believed that a small step in the career of personal invention was a big step in the history of shipping development. The revolution of the era of world logistics industry will set sail, and the construction of Shanghai international shipping center will also gain influence and driving force

make the logistics process transparent

as early as two years ago, the scientific research level of Shanghai port caused a sensation in the world. In May, 2006, at the 105th Paris International Invention Exhibition, the container electronic label device project brought by Bao Qifan, vice president of Shanghai international port group, won the gold medal for invention. The president of the French jury predicted that this invention would trigger a revolution that would change the mode of human transportation

now, the prophecy has come true. Yesterday, I saw RFID electronic tags on Waigaoqiao phase II wharf. It turned out to be just a palm sized black box, which hung inconspicuously on the door bolt of the container, but the chip stored almost all the information of the container: Cargo name, number of pieces, port of departure, port of destination, shipping company, owner, etc. Containers with electronic labels are like electronic ID cards, and the master computer in the port area can clearly show its context

this is only a small part of the function of the electronic tag. The container electronic tag that will be launched on the Shanghai Savannah route can not only realize the rapid transmission of information in the port area, but also monitor the whole logistics process in real time, which is the biggest highlight of this invention. Bao Qifan said that after the sailing ceremony today, all containers between Shanghai port and Savannah port will be tagged electronically. After the staff first read the contents of the tag at the packing point, all information of the container can be uploaded to the Internet through wireless local area network or gprs/cdma. After that, when a container with an electronic tag passes through a dock crossing or is lifted by a bridge, the fixed reader will read the latest data and upload it to the Internet at the first time until the container arrives at the port of destination and the goods are handed over to the owner. In this process, shipping companies, container owners, cargo owners, ports, customs, commodity inspection and other service objects can query the real-time status of containers on

Bao Qifan and his research team also developed a special station called China container electronic label system. After logging into the station, I found that as long as I input the container number in the query page, the detailed query results of the container can be seen at a glance, including the cargo weight, dangerous goods grade, temperature, UN number, etc. At the same time, dynamic information such as when the container will be loaded into the port and when it will be unloaded and discharged from the port can also be clearly displayed on the. Especially, in the whole logistics process, if the container is illegally opened, the electronic tag will automatically record the invasion and display a red alarm signal on the page. The container is equipped with a responsible electronic sentry

inspired by mailing moon cakes

with electronic labels, it is even more difficult to break the law in transportation, which is exactly what the international shipping industry expects

Washington customs once captured a group of stowaways on a container terminal in Seattle. They were hiding in a container to smuggle. When, where and how did you enter the container? Because there is no real-time monitoring system, all parties are at a loss. In fact, it is not only the problem of illegal immigration, but also the recently hyped poison dumpling incident, which also reflects the potential safety hazards of agent logistics. Many experts believe that the root cause of dumpling poisoning is likely to occur in the long process of transportation and storage, but because there is no specific evidence, the case has become confusing. If there are electronic labels, these problems will be solved

Bao Qifan explained that the introduction of network technology and intelligent technology into the traditional shipping industry makes the logistics process controllable and visible. Transportation will no longer test the patience of both sides of goods delivery and receipt, but operate more sunny under the eyes of the public. This is the significance of the invention of electronic labels

therefore, many experts at home and abroad believe that the use of electronic labels will have a far-reaching impact on the entire shipping industry. For shipping companies, in the past, due to the inability to monitor each container in real time, enterprises should not only bear the risks in the transportation process, but also cannot shorten the logistics cycle. Now with the electronic label system, the safety of goods has been guaranteed, and the logistics process has become transparent and controllable, which will greatly reduce the cost of logistics enterprises, thereby improving the service level of the whole industry. For shippers, the changes in the circulation field are bound to affect the creation of the latest material reports to the production field. Since every detail of the logistics process can be understood, the production plan can be arranged more compactly and reasonably, and the utilization rate of funds will also be greatly improved. In addition, for the national functional departments such as customs, border defense, inspection and quarantine, the use of electronic labels also gives them the opportunity to improve the means of supervision, improve the efficiency of supervision, more effectively detect illegal acts, further improve the speed of customs clearance, and provide high-quality services for enterprises. This series of changes has made the container electronic label attract worldwide attention, and also made it an invention with world-class influence

however, few people know that the original inspiration of this invention came from missing their loved ones. Because his son has been studying abroad for a long time, Bao Qifan will choose a box of moon cakes to send to Acacia before the mid autumn festival every year. But after the moon cakes were sent out, whether they could be received on time, whether they were fresh or not, whether they would be transferred on the way, and other issues made him uneasy. In 2001, Bao Qifan, who sent the moon cakes, suddenly had an impulse: why not develop a system to make every step of transporting the moon cakes clearly displayed on the Internet? Thus, an invention that may cause an earthquake in the shipping industry was conceived

promote the construction of shipping center

the birth of the first international electronic label route in Shanghai will further promote the process of building an international shipping center in Shanghai. Li Haibo said,

what is an international shipping center? Bao Qifan has his own understanding. The shipping center should be recognized by the industry and recognized by the society. Only those ports that have influence and drive, some achievements have been widely learned by the global shipping industry, and can lead the common progress of world shipping can be regarded as real shipping centers. In terms of throughput, Shanghai port has been second to none and has the primary characteristics of a shipping center. But does it represent the highest level in the world in terms of technology, equipment and management? In Bao Qifan's view, Shanghai must have both hardware and software to continuously improve its position in the international shipping industry, and electronic labels may be a breakthrough in science and technology

take the lead in using container electronic labels worldwide, which has improved the international status of Shanghai port. It is revealed that there are dozens of international standards in the field of container transportation, but they are all formulated by European and American countries. In other words, the rules of the game of container transportation are actually the foreigners' the final say. After the opening of the China US electronic label route, China has taken the lead in digital shipping and has more say in formulating new international standards. It is reported that at the ISO container Standards conference held in Hamburg, Germany next month, Bao Qifan will submit the relevant standard drafts of electronic labels on behalf of China to promote the formulation of international standards

the research and development of new products has also brought the service quality of Shanghai port to a higher level and become a highlight of the development of modern service industry in Shencheng. Because electronic labels ensure the safety of transportation, the containers issued by Shanghai port will be regarded as top students by many foreign ports in the future, so as to enjoy the treatment of green channel. After a series of inspection procedures are exempted, the operating costs of shipping enterprises will be greatly reduced, which has become a powerful weapon for Shanghai port to attract more ships to dock

the reform will bring many derivative industries, which may benefit Shanghai port for a long time in the future. Take the electronic tag station as an example. In the future, if digital transportation is promoted all over the world, the station will be a good shipping value-added service platform. Although the website is now free to browse, as long as it has a scale, you can refer to the development mode of Alibaba and other business stations and implement membership management. At that time, even if the electronic tag is given to users for free, only the browsing fee will be a considerable income. In Bao Qifan's eyes, opening routes is just the beginning, and there are still many things to do in the future, which are important opportunities to improve the soft power of Shanghai international shipping center

I can't help remembering when I raise my glass to celebrate. Bao Qifan told him that when he first talked with the chairman of Savannah port about the idea of opening a China US electronic label route in 2006, the foreigner's face looked skeptical. A year later, when he appeared at Savannah port with a large number of experimental data on the Shanghai Yantai route, the US side applauded for a long time. Since the conditions for opening international routes are not mature, we will test electronic labels on domestic routes. With data, we have the capital to convince others. Then, how much say will the data accumulated by the world's first container electronic label route have

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