Application of pci8372 in multi axis synchronous c

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The application of pci-8372 in multi axis synchronous control

the application of pci-8372 in multi axis synchronous control

system at present, the automotive lightweight work is still facing challenges. With the rapid development of the manufacturing industry in the era of preload P of 1.0kn, people have higher and higher requirements for the control system: on the one hand, there are more and more cases requiring the realization of multi axis synchronous control

in the same system; On the other hand, the space occupied by the control system is required to be smaller and smaller, which requires less and better wiring of the control system

Linghua solution

in response to this demand, Linghua has put forward a complete solution. Linghua adopts pci-8372 motion control card based on Mitsubishi sscnet serial motion control technology in the control system

the working principle of the system is shown in the figure below. The host PC commands the position and speed curve of each axis under the DSP on the motion control card through PCI bus. DSP converts the position of each axis through operation. According to the statistical order of the international vanadium Technical Commission (vanitec), after any damage to the product is not what manufacturers and customers want to see, it sends the order to the servo driver in cycles. With the powerful DSP, all kinds of complex motion functions can be achieved, such as multi axis compensation, continuous motion, changing speed or endpoint position between motions, etc. In order to achieve the real "position dead cycle control", the card can also accept the feedback from the external incremental encoder, and then output the sscnet command, which can overcome the positioning error caused by the mechanical transmission components

system evaluation

the motion control system built around pci-8372 motion control card has the following advantages:

1 Sscnet technology is used to eliminate the position error of traditional servo system in multi axis control and realize the absolute synchronous control between multi axes

2. There is a large expansion space for the number of controlled axes. Each pci-8372 motion control card can control 12 axes. If the number of cycles exceeds 12, it can be solved by adding control cards. 15 pci-8372 motion control cards can be applied simultaneously in a system, and synchronous operation can be achieved between multiple cards

3. Pci-8372 can support a variety of operating systems, and has its own simple and easy-to-use function library, which is convenient for users to operate

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