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Application of alcohol packaging and printing technology

industry insiders believe that at present, alcohol packaging and printing is still mainly offset printing, and the printing color is mainly four-color and spot color. Labels for wine packaging are usually printed on coated paper, such as 80g/m2 and 128G/m2 high-grade coated paper. The printing of wine packaging box is mainly made of 350g/m2 white cardboard and white paperboard

traditionally, the printing of wine packaging is mainly offset printing. Thick paper multi-color offset printing machines, such as Heidelberg multi-color offset printing machine, are used. The printing is exquisite and fast. They can print 0.6 ~ 1.0mm thick paper, and the speed can reach 15000 sheets/hour. It is very suitable for printing wine boxes

offset printing is a relatively mature printing process, especially in eye tone printing. There are oil stains and dirt on the gear rod or the upper limit plate of the gear rod is pressed too tightly, which is a set of standardized and data-based methods. However, besides eye tone printing, wine packaging printing also involves a large number of spot color reproduction, such as large-area red field, gold (silver) color, pearlescent effect, etc. Because spot colors, especially field spot colors, have high requirements for saturation and brightness, and offset printing is limited by the thickness of the ink layer when printing on the spot, what are the characteristics of the spring testing machine? It seems unable to do what you want. At this time, you can use the two printing method of first deep and then shallow. When designing, try to avoid hollow words on the field version, so as not to increase the difficulty of overprint

now, because the wine packaging materials are generally made of composite paper materials and printed with ordinary ink, there are problems such as poor adhesion, friction resistance and dryness. Therefore, manufacturers generally carry out UV technical transformation on offset printing machines, which fundamentally solves the problems existing in composite paper printing. Because UV ink greatly improves the physical properties of the ink layer surface, some packaging and printing enterprises have begun to use offset UV ink to print fine sand, gold, silver and other common offset printing effects that are difficult to achieve

gravure printing has become another optional way of wine packaging printing due to its high saturation, high contrast, high brightness, strong consistency and high printing resistance. If the art design draft is large on the spot, the ink color is required to be thick, and the ordinary offset printing is slightly insufficient. The gravure printing method can meet the demand. Another advantage of gravure printing is that it can print other printing materials except paper, such as printing on laser anti-counterfeiting film first, and then compounding with paperboard to achieve another visual effect

because gravure wine packaging is dominated by fields, color blocks and lines, the requirements for color management in plate making are relatively lax, and the printing process control is easier than offset printing and flexographic printing

the artistic effects of sanding, refraction, ice flowers, wrinkles, etc. of silk printing make the transfer of wine box packaging from hard and brittle to sticky and strong, which greatly stimulates consumers' desire to buy. In addition, because the brightness of the product increases after using silk UV local glazing, and the three-dimensional sense is strong, it is often used in the decoration of wine packaging color boxes. Flexographic printing is rarely used in the printing of wine packaging color boxes at present, and some beer labels will use this printing method. It is believed that its advantages of environmental protection and sanitation will gradually be recognized and favored by wineries

looking forward to the future trend of wine packaging printing, insiders believe that a variety of process combinations will become an ideal way of wine packaging printing, and combined printing can give full play to the characteristics of several printing methods. For example, when printing products with rich levels, offset printing can be selected; When finding out the status of the industry and printing spot color and gold (silver) ink, you can choose sheet fed gravure printing. When special decoration effect is needed, silk printing can be used

the combination of offset printing, gravure printing and printing has brought a strong visual impact to the wine packaging color box. Combined with the post-processing process, the wine packaging color box has become an unforgettable art

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