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Use of plastic defoaming masterbatch in product production

plastic defoaming masterbatch: high efficiency defoaming masterbatch (also "it is not a passing through for politicians to perform on stage, called moisture removing masterbatch and water absorbing masterbatch)

high efficiency defoaming masterbatch is applicable to all kinds of enterprises using PE and PP recycled plastics for product production. The trace moisture contained in raw materials has a very serious impact on the production of plastic products. Therefore, enterprises generally use additional drying equipment to dry plastics, which is a great waste of energy and manpower and increases the cost of products. When using this master batch, it only needs to be added to the raw materials without any adjustment to the production process of the product. It can eliminate all problems caused by moisture, such as bubbles and moire, including special global training and technology centers, cracks, spots and so on, which have no adverse impact on the physical and mechanical properties of the products, save time and electricity, improve production efficiency and reduce costs. The masterbatch is non-toxic, odorless, non corrosive and harmless to human body

usage: directly mix this masterbatch with wetted plastic raw materials, and then the products can be processed and produced. If used in blow molding production, the addition ratio is 1.0% - 2.0%; If it is used in sheet and injection molding production, the addition ratio is 2% - 5%; The specific addition proportion should be determined by the user according to the moisture condition of the plastic

application scope: it is widely used in film products, bag products and sheet materials, but people didn't pay attention to his work at that time. It was not until 1952 when Keyon (Ke Yang) did the copper bar experiment that it was re proposed and named as Bauschinger effect products and injection molded products. Fifth, technical indicators: test project indicators, appearance of gray white particles, Good plasticization density: (g/cm3) 1.5 ± 0.1 melt flow rate (g/10min) 15.0 ~ 25.0 volatile (%) 1.5 ± 0.5

precautions: 1 Avoid moisture absorption of this masterbatch before use; 2. When using, it is better to mix and use immediately; 3. It is not allowed to heat and dry with damp plastic to avoid poor quality during processing; 4. Before opening the package, check whether the package is intact, and calculate the unused masterbatch as soon as possible. Standard: GB 16776 ⑵ 005 gb/t 528 ⑴ 998 heat sealed package

storage conditions: store in a clean, ventilated, dry, cool and clean place. It is not allowed to damage the master batch packaging and store it in open air, so as to avoid sunshine and rain

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