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Research on the application of downhole non-magnetic positioning system and QDT wireless measurement while drilling system

in order to meet the requirements of casing windowing sidetracking and special process well drilling in Turpan Hami oilfield, realize positioning measurement in magnetic environment such as casing and real-time tracking of wellbore trajectory during directional drilling, and realize natural gamma measurement while drilling, dynamically adjustable gyro measurement system and QDT wireless measurement while drilling system are introduced, The application research of downhole non-magnetic positioning system and QDT wireless measurement while drilling system has been carried out comprehensively, and the field application effect is good

the main research direction of the project

1. The application research of downhole non-magnetic positioning system is mainly:

① research on the directional technology of sidetracking deflector in slim hole casing windowing

② old well retesting

2. The application research of QDT wireless MWD system mainly includes:

① research on the working principle, structure and composition of MWD

② Application Research of MWD, including measurement while drilling and gamma measurement while drilling; Tool improvement and new product development

technological innovation of the project

① for the first time, the non-magnetic positioning system and QDT wireless measurement while drilling system under the first-class R & D facilities of well coatings, adhesives and special chemicals are applied in Tuha oilfield

② realize slim hole casing directional windowing and gamma measurement while drilling technology

③ developed two sets of supporting tools for the measurement system, including: stay ring and centralizer, drill pipe filter, single flow valve and instrument calibration ring

④ the shortcomings of the current measurement system and the improvement scheme of the system are put forward, which are adopted by the manufacturer

⑤ the operating procedures, operation manuals and technical standards of the two measurement systems have been formulated in time

application effect of the project

① directional windowing of slim holes was successfully carried out for 7 wells and retesting of old wells for 5 wells. Using gyroscope to determine the accurate azimuth of the deflector can greatly save the time of twisting the azimuth after the window, avoid the risk of drilling back to the old wellbore, and save more expenses. With the continuous improvement of milling technology, tools can be used in many industries including construction and aerospace, and the application prospect of casing directional milling and windowing will be increasingly broad

② old well retesting can greatly tap the development potential of the oilfield and carry out fine development

③ the MWD measurement system has carried out real-time gamma measurement while drilling in YC and m48c wells, providing drilling engineers and geological engineers with more accurate formation and lithology analysis, so as to adjust the tool surface in real time and ensure that the well trajectory meets the design requirements. By comparing the data of geological logging and gamma probe tube detection, the bit has been drilling in the oil layer, which provides a theoretical basis for the smooth completion of the well with fast and accurate cooling speed. Recognized by Party A

④ through the use of this instrument, the drilling cycle is greatly shortened and the drilling efficiency is improved. Through the application research of the two sets of measurement systems, the development of directional drilling technology in Tuha oilfield has been accelerated, the accuracy of well trajectory control and the target hit rate have been improved, and a new way has been opened for rapid drilling, and the people of China and Mongolia can only strengthen the exchange and reduce the drilling cost. It marks a new step in the measurement technology of directional wells, horizontal wells, branch wells and slim hole side drilling in Tuha oilfield

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