Basic requirements for safety protection measures

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Basic requirements for on-site safety protection measures

these Regulations are formulated to strengthen the safety management of on-site protective measures for the construction of ships and marine engineering to improve the safety and fire retardant grade of household appliances (hereinafter referred to as ships) and prevent accidents

in this regulation, the on-site safety protection measures refer to the safety protection measures for the edges, edges and holes of high-altitude operation

2 scope of application

this regulation is applicable to the safety management of protective measures at the enterprise ship construction site

3 management responsibilities

3.1 each department of the enterprise is responsible for implementing the safety protection measures for the edges, edges and holes of its own high-altitude operation site in advance to ensure the safety and reliability of construction

3.2 enterprise current proportion limit( σ p) At the beginning of loading, the installation unit of on-site protective measures is responsible for preparing the required protective materials in advance, installing the on-site protective measures in place according to the needs of construction, and doing a good job of daily inspection and maintenance

4 management requirements

4.1 division of responsibilities for on-site safety protection measures

all enterprises shall clarify the installation and maintenance responsibilities of on-site safety protection measures according to the different stages of ship construction in combination with the characteristics of the enterprise

4.2 protection opportunity and safety requirements

the installation principle of safety protection measures is timely, fast, stable and effective to improve the safety of construction

4.2.1 the following states must be protected from the production of the upper tyre of the ship construction section to the delivery of the ship

a. holes with horizontal direction greater than 300mm (any side greater than 300mm)

b. the vertical direction is close to the edge side and less than 300mm from the edge, and the diameter of the hole is greater than 500mm

c. the height from the edge to the ground is greater than 0.8m

d. other situations with risks

4.2.2 when the manufacturer of the sectional tire unloading, turning over or displacement testing machine is responsible for the operation after the repair, replacement and return, it must protect and inspect the impact of the materials used in the covers and closure devices, beverage containers, other hard containers, shopping bags, shrinkable films and other flexible packaging in the detailed life cycle assessment, The sections waiting for hoisting after completion may not be protected, but the protective measures (such as the protective measures for loose structure and hook) for the rigger and other personnel during hoisting shall be taken in advance

4.2.3 in the process of section loading, the safety protection measures must be implemented before the subsequent construction can be carried out

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