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Basic requirements of film coating on chip core

film coating requires that the weight of this kind of new material of wood pulp for chip core is only 1/5 of steel, which has several significant differences compared with sugar coating. The hardness and brittleness of chip core, whether the surface of chip core is flat, and whether there are six combinations of them are the most critical prerequisites for obtaining ideal coating effect

1. The core must be smooth, flat and uniform. The smooth and uniform core is the basic guarantee for the good appearance of film coating. Only the smooth and uniform core can ensure the appearance effect of core coating

2. Hardness: the film coating requires that the core hardness should be higher than 3kg/cm3, the hardness of traditional Chinese medicine tablets should be about 5kg/cm3, and that of Western medicine tablets should be about 4kg/cm3. (note that 3kg/cm3 is the minimum, and the coating effect of cores lower than 3kg/cm3 is poor). The better the core hardness, the better the coating effect

3 Brittleness: also known as abrasion resistance, it is required that the percentage of the ratio of the reduced area of the brittle section of the chip core to the original section area should be less than 0.3%, that is, the more abrasion resistant the chip core is, the better, because when the chip core abrasion resistance is poor, even if the chip core is flat and the hardness is acceptable, the coating appearance effect will be poor due to wear during the coating process (such as edge pitting, etc.). Therefore, this indicator is the most critical and easily ignored condition affecting the appearance. Please note that the higher the wear resistance, the better

4. Core color: also known as background color. The background color of the core directly affects the brightness of the color clothing. Generally speaking, for cores with darker background color, the color with stronger hiding power should be selected. Among all colors, yellow (especially lemon yellow) has the weakest hiding power

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