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The basic requirements of the electronic access control and security system


the access control and security system aims to prevent losses and crimes, so it must have very high reliability. An access control and security system may not have any alarm during most of its operation time, so it does not need to alarm. The probability of alarm is generally very small. However, if the alarm system fails within this very small probability, it often means that a disaster is imminent. Therefore, the access control and security system must implement reliability design (redundancy design) and reliability management in terms of cost performance at all stages of design, construction and use to ensure the high reliability of products and systems

in addition, the system design, equipment selection, commissioning, installation and other links are strictly implemented in accordance with the relevant national or industrial standards, as well as the requirements of the public security department on safety technology prevention. The products must pass a number of authoritative certifications, and have a large number of typical users. They have been in normal operation for many years


the access control and security system is used to protect the safety of personnel and property, so the system itself must be safe. The term "high security" refers to the natural or quasi natural properties of a product or system that one party provides integrated solutions for industry customers. It should ensure the safety of equipment and system operation and the safety of operators. For example, the equipment and system itself should be able to prevent high temperature, low temperature, warm heat, smoke, mold, rain, radiation, electromagnetic interference (EMC), impact, collision, fall, etc, The operation safety of equipment and system also includes fire prevention, lightning protection, explosion prevention, electric shock prevention, etc; On the other hand, the access control and security system should also have the function of preventing man-made damage, such as having a protective shell against damage, as well as anti disassembly alarm, anti short circuit and open circuit


with the continuous improvement of people's requirements for the door access control system, the application range of access control system is becoming more and more extensive. People's application of the door lock system is not limited to a single entrance and exit control, but also requires that it can not only be applied to the access control, attendance management, security alarm, parking lot control, elevator control, building automation, etc. of intelligent buildings or intelligent communities, but also can be used with other systems, such as impact value linkage control measured under specific conditions, whether AK or CVN


the access control system should choose an open hardware platform with multiple communication modes, which lays a good foundation for the interconnection and integration between various devices. In addition, the system should have standardized and modular components, with great flexibility and expansibility. (end)

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